«Meat is murder» — Vegan activists smeared with blood demand slaughterhouses shutdown

Activists covered in fake blood staged an anti-slaughter performance in Barcelona on Tuesday to demand the shutting down of slaughterhouses. Dozens of performers simulated animal slaughter, with some portraying animals while others took on the role of slaughterhouse workers. After the performance demonstrators marched on to Catalonia Square chanting slogans and carrying signs and banners with... Еще anti-animal slaughter slogans such as «meat is murder» and «stop slaughtering animals». One of the activists, Xavi Marti, spoke of the group's cause saying, «Animals are sentient beings and that is ethically and morally inadmissible. We are treating them, exploiting them and finally killing them. That is why we are here today, to claim rights for animals.» The march went off peacefully, and no incidents of violence were reported.

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