McDoppelganger: Conor McGregor lookalike dupes fans in LA

A professional street workout athlete from Kazakhstan pulled off an epic prank in Los Angeles when he pretended to be Conor McGregor, the famed Ultimate Fighting Championship warrior, rolling around in a Bentley in Los Angeles on Monday. Accompanied by a camera crew, Islam Badurgov took to the streets of LA disguised as the boxer-to-be. Thanks to fake tattoos and clever makeup, the Kazakh... Еще managed to dupe hundreds of the UFC fans who mobbed him, asking to take pictures. Badurgov noted that it took «about six hours — from 7am to 1 pm to make a [fake] tattoo and have makeup done.» He went on to say that people saw him from the balcony and shouted, «Conor,» after which he said he felt «as if I were really Conor.» The adopted Irishman expressed that the UFC star «has certainly watched this video»; however, he said, since the boxer is now in a preparatory stage ahead of a fight, he believes that «there will be a reaction afterwards.» The video of the prank went viral and garnered more than 20 million views in just two days after it was published on the prankster's YouTube channel on July 25. McGregor will fight undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas on Saturday.
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