Man vs Trump Tower — Burger bar’s food challenge

One entrepreneurial bar in Manchester has offered customers an opportunity to «beat Donald Trump» by eating a towering burger named 'Trump Tower' in under 45 minutes, in the footage filmed on Sunday in Swinton, Manchester. The 2000-calorie-plus challenge is not for the foolhardy. That Burger Place restaurant's creation has been highly rated by critics and customers alike. Owner Ryan McDermott... Еще wanted to use POTUS's name as it would be «quite eye catching for a challenge burger.» The colossal dish contains six beef patties, beef brisket, smoked bacon, two buttermilk chicken, pulled pork, five onion rings, American cheese, macaroni, and a portion of house fries. Anyone who manages to complete the challenge will have their name written on the Donald's wall of fame and secure a £5 ($6.62; €5.68) discount off their next meal. One brave customer refused to be downcast, despite being beaten by the 'Donald'. «It was nice, I loved it, the brisket was beautiful, but unfortunately, Donald had the better of me,» said Steve Winnard.

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