Man transforms old Zastava 101 into BMW beast

Mechanic Mario Lazic displayed his award-winning Zastava 101 car in his hometown of Kraljevo, Tuesday, after his return from the Budapest International Car show (AMTS). Lazic won the prize of Hungary's largest magazine Auto-Motor, for the international car which attracted the most attention at the show. Lazic's Zastava won the award from a display of 2,500 modified cars from 11 different... Еще countries. Lavic completely transformed his Zastava 101 from the year 1987, kitting it out with a new 2500 cm (82 ft) BMW motor with 192 bhp. The front was extended by 45 cm (1.5 ft) due to the enlarged engine, as were the sides and the car bonnet. Zastava 101, also known as Yugo, is a type of car built by Yugoslav car manufacturer Zastava automobil from Kragujevac. It was introduced in 1971 and was manufactured until 2008. Zastava 101 is also known as «Stojadin», a male name which is similar to the Serbian «101» — «stojedan».

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