Man lives with two domesticated storks after saving them from hunter

A pensioner who lives with two domesticated storks, recalled how that came to be, speaking from the Voronezh region on Wednesday, after saving them as babies when their parents were killed by an unknown man. «We called the male Lailakal. In translation, this means a stork. In Tadzhik [language] Lailakov means a stork. And we called the girl Lola. In translation, this means a tulip. The girl is... Еще more shy, and the male is more arrogant. He eats easily, even when he is full,» said Alexander Kraft, the storks' saviour. At first the storks did not even eat, before Kraft started grinding worms and fed them the way their parents would. «I'm not their mother and I cannot teach them how to kill [so that they could survive in wild]. When I brought them a fish, they were afraid of it. They could not eat it. I had to teach them [how to eat it], but of course you cannot teach them everything,» he added. In winter, the storks live in a specially equipped room. In order to feed them, the pensioner breeds worms and beetles.

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