Man holds abdominal plank for over EIGHT HOURS to nab Guinness World Record

American veteran and fitness-enthusiast George E. Hood broke the Guinness World Record for the longest abdominal plank in Plainfield, Illinois, on Saturday after eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds at a fundraising competition to support mental health in the state. The competition was held under the motto: «Break the plan, break the stigma», to bring awareness to and support mental health and... Еще wellness. Braidwood Area Healthy Community Coalition (BAHCC) partnered with 515 Fitness Inc studio to host the event. During first hours of the performance, members of a local high school band played music to support Hood's endeavour. Throughout the course of the day, several fitness and mental challenges were available for the attendees. Hood was surrounded by friends, family and his team. Two years ago, hood had previously claimed to have broken the record by planking for an astonishing 10 hours, but it was not officially recognized by Guinness. Hood broke the previous record set by Mao Weidong, with a time of eight-hours and one-minute, which had been in place from May 14th, 2016.

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