Mamma Mia! Neapolitan chefs set record for longest deep-fried pizza

Fifty pizza chefs set a new world record for the longest deep-fried pizza, measuring 7.15m (23.45 feet), in Naples on Wednesday. Footage shows the chefs as they make the pizza and set it into a giant fryer. The pizza was made from 123.5 kilograms (272.27lbs) of dough, 83kgs (182.98lbs) of double zero flour, 50kgs (110.23 lbs) of fior di latte, 15kgs (33.06lbs) of ricotta cheese, 7kgs (15... Еще.43lbs) of peeled tomatoes, and 15kgs (15.43lbs) of greaves, basil and pepper. The record was certified by an official judge from the Guinness World Records, Lucia Sinigaglia.

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