Malta: MV Lifeline will be granted to dock — PM Muscat

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced that MV Lifeline, carrying 234 African migrants on board, will receive permission to dock at one of Malta's ports, after being stranded for a week off the coast of the island. Muscat was speaking at a press conference in Valletta on Wednesday. «MV Lifeline will be granted permission to enter a Maltese port, where procedures for identification, ascertaining... Еще of eligibility and distribution in other member states of the persons involved will start immediately, together with the granting of the necessary medical attention,» he said. Muscat also said MV Lifeline will be detained until an investigation is carried out for going against international rules and ignoring directions given by Italian authorities. «The second is the impounding of the vessel, pending an investigation into the actions of MV Lifeline, including its inadequate registration, given that the Dutch authorities have formally refuted the fact that the vessel is registered under their flag and the decision to switch off its transponder at various times,» he added. MV Lifeline spent about a week off the coast of Malta, after Italy, Spain and Malta refused to grant it mooring permits.

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