Mali: Thousands demonstrate against president Keita in Bamako

Thousands of protesters rallied againt President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita in central Bamako on Friday, demanding the immediate ousting of the sitting president. “The Movement of June 5, the Rally of the Patriotic Forces calls on Malians, wherever they are, throughout the national territory, and to mobilise,» stated President of CNJ (National Youth Council of Mali) Mohamed Salia Toure. The demonstrators gathered to decry the country's long-running conflicts, economic crisis and government corruption allegations. The protest was organised by the new opposition coalition. It was the third demonstration of this type in the last two months, continuously mounting the pressure on president Keita. The protests are being inspired and led by the influential imam Mahmoud Dicko and his so-called June 5 movement. «Our primary objective is the departure of Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and his system. We can only say this to the Malian people today. We have used all of your voices. And I think that section 121 nevertheless gives us this recourse to makes us able to request his departure,» explained M5-RFP representative Paul Boro. Reports suggest that the protest descended towards violence later in the evening. After protesters blocked streets, attacked parliament and stormed the headquarters of the state broadcaster. The violence resulted in one person dying and 20 more people injured in on Friday, according to a hospital official.

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