Malaysia: Rouhani calls on Islamic world to end 'US dollar domination'

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on the Islamic world to set itself «free from the domination of America's financial system and the US dollar,» while delivering a speech at the Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019 in the Malaysian capital on Thursday. «The reality is that Islamic countries, economically speaking, are capable of completing each other and can create a specific mechanism for bank and... Еще financial cooperation between each other,» Rouhani said. «The interconnectedness of international economic, commercial and financial systems with the American economic regime and dollarisation of national and global economies have provided the US with the possibility of advancing its hegemony under the threat of sanctions and economic terrorism,» Rouhani continued. The Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019 brings together world leaders to address issues facing Muslim countries. RESTRICTIONS: NO Access Israel Media/Persian Language TV Stations Outside Iran/Strictly No Access BBC Persian/VOA Persian/Manoto-1 TV/Iran International

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