Magic reunification: woman found daughter after 20 years of searching…on social media

SOT, Journalist (Russian): «How did she know that it was you?» SOT, Hadijiat Haibulaeva, Mother (Russian): «She was also searching for her mother.» A woman from the Russian city of Dagestan, Hadijiat Haibulaeva, found her daughter, Halimat Isagulova, twenty years later in spite of assurances that the baby had died. Sharing on Saturday an incredible story of reunification with the daughter... Еще, Hadijiat Haibulaeva said that all went awry when she got married at a very young age and her mother-in-law made her life with a husband unbearable. The woman confessed that the mother-in-law had treated her awfully, insulting her, leaving her locked up in the house and even raising a hand. Once, at night, Hadijiat Haibulaeva realised she could not stand the humiliation any more and ran away from home having abandoned her recently-born child with the husband and the mother-in-law. A short time later when Hadijiat came back to pick up the baby, she was told that her daughter was not alive anymore. Since then, having failed to find even the baby's grave, Hadijiat Haibulaeva has never lost hope of seeing her daughter alive as the mother's heart felt some trick. Her relatives even suspected Hadijiat was losing her mind. «It is likely that there is no orphanage left across whole Dagestan that I have not visited,» said the woman. Hadijiat Haibulaeva's hope became reality when she created her account in the Russian social network service of Odnoklassniki. Once her daughter who had also registered in pursuit for finding her real mother stumbled upon the announcement written by Hadijiat. «Inadvertently she also went to this site page on that day and she saw my announcement that I was searching for the daughter,» recalled a happy mother. Then, the daughter, Halimat Isagulova, called the woman and they arranged their first meeting. At the moment when Hadijiat Haibulaeva saw Halimat Isagulova for the first time, she recognised her daughter and realised that a further search would be redundant. «To be honest, when I took her hand, I did not want to let her hand go anymore,» concluded the woman, overwhelmed with joy.

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