M5S founder Beppe Grillo and fmr Ecuadorian president Correa talk corruption and populism

SOT, Beppe Grillo, comedian and political activist (Italian): «Thank you.» SOT, Rafael Correa, host, former President of Ecuador (Spanish): «And also a comedian.» SOT, Beppe Grillo, comedian and political activist (Italian): «Many thanks.» SOT, Rafael Correa, host, former President of Ecuador (Spanish): «And a theatre actor. And now he is also a public figure. Welcome, Beppe! Thank you very... Еще much for accepting our invitation. SOT, Beppe Grillo, comedian and political activist (Italian): «Thank you. That's why I was successful, because I had a reputation, and I won. I went through the dominant media and I finally got to share my dream with 11,12 or 13 million people who share my ideas.» SOT, Rafael Correa, host, former President of Ecuador (Spanish): «You said that you were kicked out of television because you said that 'the government steals'. Yes, that's right. But sometimes it seems to me that we have what we choose ourselves. You said that you need to be a revolutionary and keep honesty inside a corrupt system. But maybe corrupt systems exist because society accepts them, allows them to exist? That's what happened to us: when I was president, our government was blamed for fighting corruption, when I was president, but fighting corruption is the struggle of all the people. They knew that there was a bureaucrat stealing, because three months after starting service he already had two cars, three houses, his daughters' weddings were enormous, and everyone came to these celebrations! So, as a society, we don't reject these immoral behaviours, but a president cannot do this. So yes, possibly there are corrupt systems, but, in order for them to exist, there has to be, at least, social indifference. There has to be a compromise of all society. What I mean is that this will not be solved with laws, but with social sanctions. « SOT, Beppe Grillo, comedian and political activist (Italian): «Yes, when we came to the polls with «civil lists», when we broke into politics like a hurricane, collecting 25% of the votes, we had 42 million euros as a compensation for the election campaign costs. Imagine 42 million! The same as all the other parties received. But we refused to accept this compensation, because we wanted to prove that we could make politics without money. Without money, that's why we did not take them. We turned to state institutions and asked: «How much does a member of parliament earn?» We will return half of this sum. «And so we did. We returned about 40 million euros, that, together with the 40 million that we did not take from the very beginning, we got 80 million euros, which we spent to finance about 6,000 small businesses, to which we provided loans on preferential terms — microcredits, funded from the salaries of parliamentarians. We did not take money from politics; we halved the salaries of our parliamentarians and showed that we can safely rule without money. So we gave corrupt politicians two slaps at once, teaching them a lesson of honesty, morality and a reasonable attitude to politics. And now we are passing the test. We are in the government representing a force that has already demonstrated its objectivity. We have created a plan of 20 points and we are following this plan. They show their full readiness for dialogue. Between us and people from the League there are no differences, at least at the moment. We get along well. [...] for peace. He is an extraordinary man who has carried out many policies for poor people, he created a system of income for poor people. That's why he finished as he finished. I hope he is reinstated because I understand his mechanisms. I also went through that, but not like him, and you did too, and all good people. Those are the side effects. We have to know that we are annoying. In fact, you are bothering right now, and I am also bothering.» SOT, Rafael Correa, host,

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