Luxembourg: EU set to give DPRK «toughest measures on a regime in the world» — Mogherini

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini spoke about fresh sanctions on North Korea Luxembourg on Monday, following a meeting with Ministers of the European Foreign Affairs Council. According to Mogherini new sanctions will include “a total ban on EU investments in the DPRK in all sectors.” She specified that as of Monday, a ban will... Еще be placed on the sale of refined petroleum products and crude oil to the DPRK and said that there will also be a “lowering the amount of personal remittances transferred to the DPRK from 15,000 Euros (17,700 USD) to 5,000 Euros (5,900 USD).” Mogherini added that ministers had agreed to “launch a demarche” aimed at countries predominantly in Asia and Africa so as to make sure that a “robust implementation of all UN Security Council resolutions is done by all UN member states.” The High Representative justified the sanctions as a process “aimed at opening that political space for negotiations that currently we do not see. We know out of experience that economic and diplomatic pressure can open space for diplomatic negotiations.”

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