Love is in the EARTH! Blackawton worm charmers work their magic

Scores descended on one of Blackawton's strangest contests to test their animal magnetism with the art of worm charming, in the South Hams on Sunday. During the contest, participants attempted to lure out the greatest number of worms from a square-metre (10,7 square-foot) patch of soil. To invoke the art of worm charming, contestants danced with their bare feet, poured water and beat the... Еще ground with sticks. One of the so-called 'worm masters' Nat Lowson noted that «being a worm charmer involves being able to draw worms out of the soil without actually forcing them. So it's on their own free will they come to see us, and we pick them and count them, and then we re-distribute them back in a safe way, so no worms are harmed.»

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