Long lost Canova painting exhibited for the first time since 1792

A rediscovered Canova painting will be presented to the public for the first time since 1792 during this year's London Art Week (29 June — 6 July). Italian dealers Damiano Lapiccirella and Francesca Antonacci who rediscovered the work putting it up for sale for close to £1m. It is thought to be the only painting by Italian sculptor Canova to be in private hands. According to a legend, Roman... Еще Senator Prince Abbondio Rezzonico managed to convince some of Rome's leading artists that it was a self-portrait of 16th century Venetian painter Giorgione, much to his amusement. A year later, Canova revealed himself as the artist. This unusual tale has passed into folklore, but the painting was thought to be lost. «It's very rare, because Canova as a sculptor didn't paint a lot. It's very rare because it disappeared for more than 200 years since it was presented to Prince Rezzonico and his friends as the self-portrait of Giorgione by Canova himself. So around this painting there is a long story, a fascinating story that makes the painting as we normally say an object,» explained art dealer Lapiccirella.

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