Long Live Bavarian China! Small town of Dietfurt celebrates Chinese carnival

Residents of the small Bavarian town of Dietfurt took to the streets to celebrate what they call the ‘Chinese Carnival’ on Thursday. Revellers dressed up in Chinese costumes and staged a parade with a dragon float, marching music bands, and dancers. The festivities reached their peak as the «Chinese emperor», chosen from among the townspeople, addressed the crowd. «I was elected to Emperor... Еще three years ago. My brother was my predecessor. He had been doing it for fifteen years. He was Emperor Ko-Wang-Di; I am his successor. For three years now, I’ve been allowed to represent the Emperor Fu-Gao-Di. It means that for the first time there is an imperial dynasty here in Bavarian China,» said Manfred Koller, aka ruler of Diefurt Emperor Fu-Gao-Di. It is thought that the tradition goes back to the 1870s, when the prince-bishop of Eichstatt sent his chamberlain to Dietfurt to demand more taxes from its residents. However, the Dietfurters closed the city gate and didn’t let the collector in. The chamberlain, who returned to Eichstatt empty-handed, likened the locals to the Chinese who took shelter behind the Great Wall of China and waited for the enemy to leave.

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