Locals 'travel' to Japanese-themed street in China to take pictures 'abroad'

A Japanese-themed street is being built in the city of Foshan, Guangdong. Although not officially open yet, people could be seen packing the so-called Ichiban Street on Saturday to take selfies and feel like a tourist again amid the travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new 100-m long shopping strip is densely decorated with Japanese-style signboards, neon lights, road markings, vehicles, telephone booths and street lanterns. It includes also a Sakura tree, a proper Japanese bus stop and fully-functioning stores. «It feels like a street in Japan and very Japanese, it's very suitable for taking photos like internet celebrities. But we mainly don't pose,» a visitor said. «It refers to foreign elements and styles. We Chinese can learn about foreign folklore and culture. It is good for countries to blend together,» another visitor said. According to local reports, the knock off «ichinbangai» (Japanese shopping street) is set to open this week.

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