Libya: Tunisia repatriates six orphan children of ISIS-affiliated parents from Libya

A delegation representing the Tunisian government received six children of Islamic State-affiliated parents, who had travelled to join the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Libya, from the Libyan authorities in Misrata, on Thursday. «This morning, we received the delegation representing the Tunisian government who came to receive the children who lost their parents and... Еще those who were not accompanying from the city of Sirte from the Tunisian nationality, and they are six children,» the head of the psychological support department of the Libyan Red Crescent Faisal Jalwal said. He added, «Now, we will proceed with handing over these children to the delegation representing the Tunisian government making full documentation, in accordance with local and international humanitarian law.» According to the Tunisian Consul General in Libya, Tawfiq Al Qasimi, these children were rescued during the war against ISIS in Sirte, Libya, nearly four years ago and were handed thereafter to the Libyan Red Crescent. He also said that there are more children in foster homes in Libya, some with their mothers, awaiting a similar rescue.

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