Libya: Over one hundred refugees attempting to reach Italy rescued by Libyan coastguards

SOT, Wamit, Refugee (English): “Wamit.” SOT, Reporter (English): “Where are you from?” SOT, Wamit, Refugee (English): “[INAUDIBLE].” SOT, Reporter (English): “What happened to you?” SOT, Wamit, Refugee (English): “We left in a boat to Italy, so, actually, the engine of the boat lost there. So we slept the night and even the rest of the day before they rescue us.” The Libyan Coast Guards... Еще rescued 114 refugees near the coast of Algarabolli, East Tripoli, on Wednesday. The engine of the refugees’ boat failed, leaving them adrift in the night. By the time they were rescued the next day many were shaking with the cold. The migrants were towed to the Port of Tripoli where they were fed and given medical treatment by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and International Medical Corps (IMC). In 2016, the 470km (292 mile) sea crossing claimed an average of 13 lives every day, with many more unreported. Thousands end up trapped in detention centres, some run by the government, some by armed militia.

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