Libya: Italian navy personnel man ships on migrant «search-and-rescue» mission

Italian naval personnel could be seen walking around aboard the Italian Tremiti vessel at Tripoli’s port, Thursday, as part of the Italian mission to give assistance to the Libyan coast guard with the migrant crisis. The Tremiti is a Gorgona ship, which is prized for its versatility in both military and civil use, and will provide Libya’s Coast Guard with support and supplies. The vessel has a... Еще crew of 33 people and is 56.72 metres (186ft) long and 10 metres (33ft) wide. Italy has begun an extensive operation in the Libyan territorial waters, with officials saying they are attempting to combat migration and supporting the Coast Guard of the Government of Al-Wefaq. The spokesman of the Libyan army Colonel Ahmed Al-Mesmari said that it was under the request of Chairman of the Presidential Council Faiz Al-Sarraj that Italian boats entered into the territorial waters of Libya.
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