Libya: Father grieves son killed during air strike on military school

The father of a young man killed during an air raid allegedly perpetrated by the Libyan National Army (LNA), Atman Salem Ali Emara, continues to grieve the loss of his son, remembering his son's dreams and hopes for a better future in the African country. During an interview in Tripoli on Friday, Atman Salem Ali Emara spoke about 19-year-old son Modafer Ben Amara desires of one day becoming a... Еще pilot and achieving peace and prosperity in the war-torn country: «His dream was to become a pilot. When he tried enrolling, he was told no aviation course was on offer. He chose ground troops. There was a new mentality, and a restructuring of the Libyan army. This was with the aim of re-purposing (the army): protecting the nation, achieving the peace and prosperity for Libya. Not war and combat. Just achieving the peace.» «Around 8:30 or 8:45 o'clock, I received a call from one of the sports instructors who I am friends with. He told me the facility has been bombed,» Salem Ali Emara said, before going on to explain the horrific scene he witnessed once he rushed to the scene of the attack. «We see that Haftar is a criminal. A war criminal. And his history is full of that,» he added, accusing the LNA leader of being responsible for the attack. On January 5th, a military school located in Tripoli, which is controlled by Libya's Government of National Accord (GNA), was hit by an air strike that left 30 people dead and dozens wounded.

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