Libya: Eastern-based parliament votes against deal with Turkey

The east-based Libyan House of Representatives has voted to cut ties with Turkey, a spokesperson announced in a press conference in Benghazi on Saturday. «It was decided to cut ties between the Turkish regime and the state of Libya,» said Abdullah Blaihek, adding that they unanimously voted «to disable all airports, ports, and land ports under the militia's control due to the danger they pose to... Еще the country's national security by bringing the colonists to our country.» The country has been split since 2014 between an eastern-based administration backed by General Khalifa Haftar's Libyan Armed Forces, and a rival UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), which signed a maritime border agreement with Turkey in November. «The House of Representatives voted unanimously not to authorise and rescind the agreement signed between the Fayez al-Sarraj government [GNA] and the Turkish regime,» said Blaihek. «It was wrongfully named by the Fayez al-Sarraj regime [GNA] as a 'memorandum of understanding on security and military cooperation and boundary demarcation between Libya and Turkey'. The agreement was voted unanimously not to be authorised and cancelled.» The November 27 deal between the GNA and Turkey maps out a maritime boundary between both countries in the Mediterranean, close to the Greek island of Crete, leading the Greek authorities to expel the Libyan Ambassador Mohamed Younis A.B. Menfi from Greece. Athens views the accord as an «infringement on its sovereignty» that could complicate its decades-old disputes with Turkey over Cyprus and maritime rights in the Aegean Sea.

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