Libya: Dry faucets force Tripoli residents to drill wells through pavements

Residents of Libyan capital Tripoli opted to drilling wells out of the city's pavements in a bid to find water, after taps ran dry in a new low for the city. Workers had cut off the water supply to do maintenance work earlier this month, before an armed group sabotaged the system. Libya's ongoing civil war has critically worsened living conditions for Tripoli residents, with power and water cuts... Еще becoming routine in a city teeming with displaced families from all over the country. One resident accused the government of not doing anything to improve the situation, after ten days of no water coming out of faucets. «One cannot pray, drink nor take a shower,» he said. Residents have started digging wells to try to solve the problem, amid the constant risk of power cuts. The UN-supported Government of National Accord (GNA) has struggled to impose its authority since its leaders arrived in Tripoli in March last year. Early last week an armed faction in the south announced it had cut water supplies from Gaddafi's Great Man Made River, a pipeline system that pumps water from underneath Libya's southern desert to coastal areas such as Tripoli.

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