Libya: 31 migrants dead, 200 rescued after boat sinks

Reporter (English):"For the whole trip?' Rescued Somalian migrant"For the whole trip, yes.» Reporter (English): «And which route did you take from Somalia to Libya, which route did you take?» Rescued Somalian migrant (English): «Through the desert, Ethiopia, Sudan to Libya, through desert.» More than 31 migrants died and some 200 rescued by the coastguard after their boats sank off the... Еще coast of Libya on Saturday. The rescued were taken back to a Tripoli navy base. According to the coastguard the migrants were travelling on two boats off the coast near the city of Garabulli. One boat had already sunk when they arrived. Amongst the 31 dead were children. The bodies were carried off the ship with help from the Red Crescent. One of the rescued Somalian migrant said that women, children and sick people were onboard, adding that his boat held some 105 passengers. He explained, «They bring us a boat that is plastic boat, that`s not good, then we entered the boat, then we moved to the sea when the time was 4 o'clock, then we moved three hours, then the Libyan Navy captured and rescued us because the fuel became over in our boat so we stopped in the middle of the sea, then the navy rescued us, they saved us, they bring us over here.»

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