'Let there be rock!' — Air guitar championship takes place in Oulu, Finland

Thousands gathered in the town of Oulu on Friday, to watch air guitarists from all over the world compete at the 2017 Air Guitar World Championship. Marc Burns, participant from the USA, managed to retain his title from last year with a stunning performance. «If total strangers can fly to northern Scandinavia, to pretend to do something for 60 seconds and have a great time doing it, then I... Еще think there's something going on here. I think we're onto something,» he said. Burns added, «There's a lot of hate in this world and there's nothing but hate here, so come on down to an air guitar show,» he said.» Despite Burns' comments, the air guitar show was not completely void of politics. At one point the audience could be heard chanting in unison, «Donald Trump Sucks! Donald Trump Sucks!»

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