'Let them come here and eat balls' — Contestants go nuts at the World Testicle Cooking Competition

Groups of contestants coming from all over Serbia and abroad gathered in Lipovica, a village near Belgrade, Saturday, to take part in the World Testicle Cooking Competition, Saturday. Testicles from different kinds of animals were prepared in cooked, roasted and fried varieties. The 'white kidneys', as one contestant described testicles, are believed to have health benefits when eaten. Not only... Еще are they rich in minerals, some also believe testicles work as an aphrodisiac. Every year the competition awards a world public figure with the title of «Balliest man in the world». This year's winner was Russian President Vladimir Putin. Organiser of the championship Ljubomir Erovic pointed out that the festival «promotes courage and wisdom,» and said that all contestants «agreed that Mister Putin showed courage and that he has the balls to show the whole world the real culture and real tolerance; and therefore he is the right man to win the title of the 'Balliest man in the world.'» The championship was first held in 2004 and was organised to counter the political events of the time. It has since become a humorous festivity where people proudly show off their love of eating balls.

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