Lebanon: US fights IS to «deal with the wild monster which they raised» — Hezbollah deputy

The USA's attempts to combat the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS) is an effort to «deal with this wild monster which they raised and tried to use to serve their own interests,» said Hezbollah's Deputy Chief Sheikh Naim Kassem, during an interview with in Beirut, Wednesday. Continuing with the analogy, Kassem then said, «It turned out that the monster attacked its master. I... Еще don’t think the US has another choice.» Furthermore, Kassem noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to create an international coalition is «based on his serious and responsible approach to fighting terrorism» and that «thanks to him the Russian Army delivered some serious blows on terrorists in Syria.» Expanding on the topic of Putin's international coalition, Hezbollah's deputy chief said that the move «will put some countries in an uncomfortable position.» Kassem expressed skepticism on whether «countries will reach an understanding» on the matter of terrorism, as they have «different definitions of 'terrorism'.» In fact, Hezbollah itself is recognised as a terrorist organisation in some countries.
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