Lebanon: Senior US official urges Beirut to undertake ‘meaningful’ reforms

US Under Secretary of State David Hale called on Lebanese political leaders to «commit to and to undertake meaningful, sustained reforms that can lead to a stable, prosperous and secure Lebanon.» He made the remarks at a press conference in Baabda on Friday. Speaking after his meeting with Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Hale also gave his support for the protests that have swept through Lebanon... Еще in recent months. «The unified, non-sectarian and largely peaceful protests over the last 65 days reflect the Lebanese people's longstanding and frankly legitimate demand for economic and institutional reform, better governance and an end to endemic corruption,» he said. Saad Hariri, Lebanon's former prime minister, resigned in October amid massive anti-government protests, which have swept the country in the face of economic stagnation and corruption. Mandatory credit: TELELIBAN

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