Lebanon: Security forces clash with protesters outside EconMin in Beirut

Anti-government protesters were pushed back by security forces during clashes near the Ministry of Economy building in Beirut on Monday. The protesters had gathered to demonstrate against the government's response to a hike in prices amid the country's ongoing economic crisis. The demonstrators, not all of them wearing masks, were seen being repelled in clashes with security forces in riot gear... Еще. They then chanted protest slogans while facing off with security forces near the Economy Ministry. «We are going to collapse economically. Since the state is late in stopping the high prices and the high exchange rates of the dollar against the purchasing value of the Lebanese pound. We are heading more towards a collapse,» explained one protester outside the Ministry of Economy. Protests against allegations of government corruption broke out last year, as Lebanon was facing its worst economic crisis in decades, with soaring unemployment and the Lebanese pound plummeting in value against the dollar. The lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak has added further pressure on the struggling Lebanese economy, prompting a new wave of protests despite social distancing restrictions.

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