Lebanon: Scuffles erupt in Beirut as anti-govt protesters block Ring Bridge

Hundreds of anti-government protesters blocked Beirut's Ring Bridge on Wednesday, resulting in scuffles with riot police. The protest comes after Lebanese President Michel Aoun's announcement that he would host consultations next week regarding the appointment of the next prime minister. Footage shows the protesters carrying Lebanese flags, placards, followed by scuffles with riot police... Еще. «What we have demanded since the first day, we will continue to demand until they resign. And If they believe that this is not a revolution, we will stay on the streets to let it become a revolution. This is not for ourselves, but for our children, and for these young people who understand more than them, and have more logic than them,» said Mary, a protester. The ongoing anti-government protests, which started on October 17 and led Prime Minister Saad Hariri to resign, are considered to be the largest public mobilisation the country has seen since 2015.

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