Lebanon: Reports of 14-yos among «stacks of bodies» left by Iraqi forces in Mosul — HRW

Executive Director of Human Rights Watch (HRW) Middle East & North Africa Division Sarah Leah Whitson gave an exclusive interview in Beirut on Friday, reporting on the alleged extra-judicial killing of suspected fighters from the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) by the Iraqi Army. «What we documented this past week were very strong evidence implicating the 16th Division of the... Еще Iraqi Army in executions of detained ISIS suspects,» she said. «We have witnesses who actually saw the dead bodies, were there and observed the dead bodies being taken in, heard the gun shots and then saw the bodies, some of whom were hand cuffed and their feet bound.» «In the Old City of Mosul, one of the witnesses we spoke with identified the body of a boy who appeared to be about 14 years old with a bullet through his head, appeared detained wearing only his underwear,» added the executive. American law requires that the US suspend military assistance to any unit that has been seriously implicated in human rights abuses,» Whitson stated. «We believe the evidence here is strong enough to immediately suspend further assistance to this unit. The only way aid should resume to this unit is if there is a serious, independent impartial investigation, a prosecution and a sentencing of those responsible.»
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