Lebanon: Protesters hold peaceful sit-in after nights of clashes and riot in Tripoli

Protesters held a peaceful sit-in against violence in Lebanon's second-largest city of Tripoli on Thursday evening, after several nights of clashes with the army over the deteriorating economic situation. Footage showed protesters marching and chanting the national anthem and slogans calling for accountability, national unity as well as chants in support to the army. Whereas the deployed army... Еще forces were observing the protesters without engagement. «We feel the pain of the people. It is required that they express their opinion,» said one of the protesters, who wished for them to «express [their opinion] peacefully, for no harm to occur,» and he elaborated by saying that the soldiers are «our people and our sons. We expect the army to provide us with support and protection so we can deliver our appeal as long as we [protest peacefully].» Another protester said that «the city of al-Mina used to always be a safe city. The revolutionaries in it were always peaceful. We hope this will continue to be the case. We are all responsible for its safety and protection.» Protests against government corruption broke out in October, as Lebanon was facing its worst economic crisis in decades, with soaring unemployment and the Lebanese pound plummeting in value against the dollar. The lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak has added further pressure on the struggling Lebanese economy, prompting a new wave of protests despite social distancing restrictions.

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