Lebanon: Protesters flood Beirut streets on fifth day of anti-govt protests

Thousands of protesters gathered in central Beirut, on Monday, as protests against the Lebanese government enters its fifth consecutive day and the 72-hour deadline set by Prime Minister Saad Hariri comes close to an end. «Everyone means everyone, each one of them is uglier than the other, they are all disgusting. We do not want any of them in our lives. We want a new civil rule,» said Maya, a... Еще protester, in reference to the hashtag circulating in social media that all the government be expelled from office. «I am not satisfied with the situation we are in. It is necessary for the whole system to fall, because we don't want any of these politicians. I mean all of them. We don’t want any from the old. We want a new political generation to speak for us» another protester said. Protesters were seen holding banners reading «Everyone means everyone» and «Bring down the governance of the banks.» Lebanon's current demonstrations are believed to be the country's biggest since 2015, as protesters seek to highlight deteriorating living conditions, austerity measures, capital flight and the rise of the deficit and public debt.

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