Lebanon: Protesters block roads and burn tyres to mark 90th day of anti-govt. demos

Anti-government protesters blocked major and minor roads with burning tyres in Beirut, Tuesday, as part of a «week of rage» announced in response to perceived corruption, harsh living conditions and a delay in the formation of a government. Protesters responded to several calls on social media, to start the «week of rage» and to once again block the city's roads. «Today, we say that we will... Еще continue [to demonstrate]. We will not accept it any more when we see decisions that do not respond to the demands of those on the streets,» said one protester, Mariam Dakash. Roads in many cities were blocked, from Tripoli in the north to Sidon in the south, causing heavy traffic jams. ''They say the revolution is dead, but it did not, we all [represent] the revolution,» added another protester, Gina Haddad. Lebanese security forces were deployed to open the roads and to prevent any potential escalations. Lebanon has been swept with protests over economic stagnation and corruption. The trigger was a raft of new taxes, also targeting WhatsApp calls, designed to tackle the country's high public debt.

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