Lebanon: Pres. Aoun warns Arab nations against pushing Lebanon 'towards fire'

Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, stated that «dealing with Lebanon requires much wisdom and rationalism» and that otherwise the country would be pushed «towards the fire.» Aoun made the statement during a televised speech on the eve his country's 74th independence anniversary, in Beirut, Tuesday. The Lebanese leader said, «My message to the Arab brothers — dealing with Lebanon requires much... Еще wisdom and rationalism; and the alternative to that is pushing it towards the fire. Despite everything that happened, we still place high hopes in the League of Arab States to take an initiative based on the principles, objectives and spirit of its Charter in order to save itself and its member states and to rescue its people's sovereignty and independence.» Aoun also urged the Lebanese army to «always be ready to carry out your duty and honour your oath.» Lebanon fell into political crisis, following Saad Hariri's unexpected resignation as prime minister, an act that placed the country into the crossfire of the Saudi-Iranian rivalry in the region.

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