Lebanon: Nasrallah says «Saudi Arabia asked Israel to strike Lebanon»

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said that «Saudi Arabia has asked Israel to strike Lebanon,» speaking in a televised speech from Beirut, Friday. He added that Saudi Arabia is «ready to offer tens of billions of dollars for this purpose.» Nasrallah went on to claim that rumours of former Lebanese Prime Minister being on house arrest in Saudi Arabia are «a certainty.» «[Saad al... Еще-Harir] was forced to resign, read a statement that they wrote, and then the Prime Minister of Lebanon is held on house arrest and prevented from returning [to his country,» Nasrallah stated. He also noted that «Over the past few years, the Yemenis have become highly capable of manufacturing rockets,» adding that «hey are producing unmanned aircrafts, and will include these aircrafts in the options to consider using in the war.» Last Saturday, Hariri announced his resignation on Saturday in an unexpected declaration made from Saudi Arabia, citing an alleged plot to assassinate him. On Thursday, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait urged their citizens to stay out of Lebanon.

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