Lebanon: 'Long horror movie'- Iranian airliner passengers share memories of terrifying encounter with US jet *EXCLUSIVE*

Mahan Airlines flight 1152 passengers Adam Hazmeh and his wife, Feryal Al-Ali, described in Yater, Southern Lebanon, on Friday, the alleged encounter between the Iranian commercial flight and a US fighter jet over Syria on Thursday evening. The passenger plane en route from Tehran to Beirut allegedly dove to avoid a collision with the American F-15 jet, leaving several passengers injured. «The entire experience has been a long horror movie which continues to psychologically affect all the passengers until this moment. The story began with a huge, annoying and scary strike, then we felt the plane is changing its course,» Adam Hazimah said. «The safety belts were disconnected and we were all sitting when suddenly we were thrown into the air with our heads bumping onto the roof of the plane,» he added. Hazmeh could be seen showing a footage on his phone of what seems to be the US fighter jet flying alongside the Iranian airliner and people onboard screaming. «People were screaming loudly. You are almost dying but cannot do anything about it. For example, you see your kid bleeding, people lying on the ground but cannot do anything other than give up» said Feryal Al-Ali. Before landing in Beitut, the Mahan Air airplane flew directly above al-Tanf, where the US has a military base. According to officials from the US Department of Defence quoted in media, the airbourne F-15 was sent to «investigate» because it had «drifted from an established air route» and came 1,524 metres (5,000 feet) from the Iranian airliner. Iranian officials said the US risked a disaster in the skies and that legal action would be taken over the incident.

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