Lebanon: Iranian Ambassador visits injured Mahan Air passenger in hospital

Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad Jalal Firouznia visited a hospital in Beirut, where an Iranian passenger injured in the encounter between US fighter jet and the Mahan Air airplane was hospitalised, on Sunday. Commenting on the incident the ambassador said, «the Americans with two American Fighters came and blocked the path of this flight and made problems for it» adding that the US should have to answer «for this terrorist act and air piracy.» On Thursday the passenger plane en route from Tehran to Beirut reportedly dove to avoid a collision with the American F-15 jet, leaving several passengers injured. Before landing in Beirut, the Mahan Air airplane flew directly above al-Tanf, where the US has a military base. According to officials from the US Department of Defence quoted in media, the airborne F-15 was sent to «investigate» because it had «drifted from an established air route» and came 1,524 metres (5,000 feet) from the Iranian airliner. Iranian officials said the US risked a disaster in the skies and that legal action would be taken over the incident.

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