Lebanon: Hezbollah will retaliate against any aggression, vows Nasrallah

The leader of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah warned that any act of aggression against Lebanon would provoke a retaliation, during a televised speech listened to by deputies in Beirut on Saturday. «We will certainly respond to any attack on Lebanon; any air raid on Lebanon, any shelling of Lebanon and it will not be acceptable for the enemy to ransack Lebanon as they used to in the past decades,» he... Еще stated. He also commented on the situation in Syria, saying: «if the Syrian leadership, the Syrian army, the Syrian people and Syria's allies did not stand up in this great battle, if this country and the regime fell, we would see within a few weeks or months Netanyahu in Damascus.» Nasrallah claimed that this was «because most of this [Syrian] opposition have an understanding with Israel.»

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