Lebanon: Hezbollah leader leaving 'all doors open' to new government

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah refrained from commenting on the formation of a new government, noting «all doors are open» with talks underway, when speaking during a televised address from Beirut on Monday. Nasrallah said, «As for the discussions over the government, I will not say anything, because the meetings and bilateral and tripartite consultations are ongoing. And we will... Еще not make any statements. All doors are open in order to reach the best possible outcome for the country.» The Hezbollah leader also argued that the US sanctions «hinder» the development of Lebanon's economy, adding that the US administration «is preventing Lebanon from recovering and getting out of its economic predicament.» He went on to say that «Chinese companies are ready to come to Lebanon and invest hundreds of millions of dollars, but the Americans will not allow Chinese companies to operate in Lebanon.»

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