Lebanon: Government officials decry US Ceasar Act at Syrian embassy in Baabda

Lebanese political leaders joined the Syrian ambassador in Lebanon Ali Abdel Karim Ali to condemn the enactment of the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act at the Syrian embassy in Baabda on Tuesday. The act is designed to put pressure on Syrian President Bashar Assad's government by imposing strict sanctions on 39 individuals and entities in a bid to push Assad to re-engage in peace talks with the UN. The Syrian ambassador in Lebanon Ali Abdel Karim Ali called the sanctions a «blatant and unilateral aggression that violates the international legitimacy.» Several Syrian operated industries related to infrastructure, military maintenance and energy production of the country have been targeted. Senior Hezbollah official, Mahmoud Komati, said the Lebanese forces «categorically reject» the act. He vowed they would do «whatever it takes to defeat this act and to break it, and also to defeat the US and its policy.» Former Lebanese Presidential (Republican) Guard brigade, Mustafa Hamdan, added that, «Syrian people can withstand [the sanctions], especially with the Russian economic and military support,» but forewarned «the countries surrounding Syria will be affected» by the law and «this American savagery,» especially economically. The new sanctions, imposed on Wednesday under the new Caesar Act, give the US administration permission to freeze assets, in an attempt to dissuade anyone from doing any foreign business activity with the current Syrian government.

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