Lebanon: Foreboding on Beirut streets as tensions with Saudi Arabia mount

Residents of Beirut expressed their apprehension, after Saudi Arabia had advised its citizens to leave Lebanon, amid rumours of holding former Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri against his will in Riyadh, Friday. «[Prime Minister] Saad al-Hariri is now detained in Saudi Arabia, and we ask Major General Abbas Ibrahim [Director of Lebanese General Security] to release him, as he is the head of the... Еще Lebanese government,» one Lebanese citizen, Mohamed, said. Another Beirut resident, Ali, described the current tensions with Saudi Arabia as a «psychological war» and «intimidation». With regards to Hariri's reported detention he said, «There is a big possibility this is true, because, it has never happened in history that a prime minister files his resignation from another country.» Last Saturday, Hariri announced his resignation on Saturday in an unexpected declaration made from Saudi Arabia, citing an alleged plot to assassinate him. On Thursday, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait urged their citizens to stay out of Lebanon.

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