Lebanon: Dozens rally near French embassy against financial support for ruling class

Dozens of protesters demonstrated outside the French Embassy in Beirut on Wednesday. Activists urged the French government not to provide Lebanon's ruling elite with financial support. ''We do not have a problem with anyone who wants to help us, but we want the money to go to the people. We do not want anyone stealing from us because they give it to a government that will put it in its pocket... Еще and we, the people, do not get anything. We say to everyone who wants to give money to Lebanon, give it to the new government that we demand,'' said Nadin Akawi, a protester. The rally came as Lebanese officials were meeting with the International Support Group in Paris in attempt to receive aid to improve the country's debt-stricken economy. «We are here today, in front of the French consulate in order to request and tell the French government that we do not want any interference in our internal situation, all we want is not to give money to this failed corrupt fallen class,» said Sami Al-Rammah, a retired Brigadier General. The International Support Group for Lebanon (ISG) meeting was being held under the joint chairmanship of the Office of the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon and France. Germany, the UK, Saudi Arabia and the United States also sent its representatives.

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