Lebanon: Demonstrators hold 'no confidence' protest during national dialogue meeting

Demonstrators marched along the road leading to Lebanon's presidential palace in Baabda, east of Beirut, on Thursday, protesting against a national dialogue meeting chaired by president Michel Aoun. Activists were filmed marching with «No confidence» slogans on banners and placards, as well as Lebanese flags. Protesters who were stopped by riot police near the palace then proceeded to holding a sit-in. «The purpose of the sit-in was to send our message, and it was supposed to be a silent sit-in but the people could no longer keep silent. Even the loudest of our voices, they did not hear,» said Sara Bagdadi, a protester. Demonstrations against allegations of government corruption broke out last year, as Lebanon was facing its worst economic crisis in decades. The lockdown implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic has added further pressure on the struggling Lebanese economy, prompting a new wave of protests despite social distancing restrictions.

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