Lebanon: Authorities foil attempted terrorist attack targeting Emirates airliner — Interior Minister

Lebanon's Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk said that the Lebanese intelligence service had played a role in foiling a terror plot to blow up an Emirati airline plane bound for Abu Dhabi from Australia, speaking in a press conference in Beirut, Monday. The suspects, four Lebanese brothers based in Australia, had reportedly received directions from the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly... Еще ISIS, ISIL), to blow up ta civilian aircraft flying from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, where «there were 120 Lebanese and 280 passengers from different nationalities aboard that plane.» According to Machnouk, «a mince-meat machine was removed [from the bag] and it turned out that its weight was suspicious. It was revealed that [the mincer] was rigged, which foiled the terrorist operation.»

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