Lean, mean machine: Robotic suit gives Japanese workers super-human strength

Designers in Japan created a specialised suit for reducing the burden on manual labourers' backs, which was shown off in Osaka on Thursday. The Power Assist Suit Atoun Model A, as it is snappily known, uses two high-torque AC, battery powered motors and a sophisticated gearing system to allow users to far exceed their own strength. The suit's inventors, Atoun Inc., says its original purpose... Еще was to reduce the physical stress suffered by workers, thus improving conditions and allowing for longer shifts. Kenji Takemura, a worker at Tatsumi Shokai Co. Ltd, wore the suit during a shift on the docks. «When I had no assist suit, I used to have back pains during work. But thanks to this assist suit, it has become easier on the lower back. By wearing this, I get much less burden on the waist. So it is easy during my work,» said Takemura.
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