Laziest Olympics opens in Montenegro but only half competitors show up

Eighteen of the laziest people from Serbia and Montenegro competed in the Lazy Olympics in Brezna village high in the Montenegrin mountains on Saturday. The self-confessed lazybones from the Balkans region gathered at this annual event to compete for the laziest person title and a €800 (915$) prize fund by doing nothing. The organiser of the event Mico Blagojevic claimed: «Every year around... Еще 30-40 contestants from the region apply for Olympics but only half of them show up. That shows how much people are lazy here, they are lazy even to show up.» He added that the whole competition is a «parody» of the whole Montenegrin nation which, according to Blagojevic, is really good at «laying and doing nothing». The rules of the competition are simple: the contestants must lie down and cannot stand, go to the toilet or do anything not in laying position.

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