‘Latin American elites don’t want democracy’ says Correa in Lula interview *EXCLUSIVE*

SOT Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Former President of Brazil (Portuguese): «Yes, I remember everything perfectly! We sat down at a round table and began to talk.» SOT, Rafael Correa, host, former President of Ecuador (Portuguese): «I was very impressed when you were asked what is most important, and you, as a trade union leader and worker, answered: ‘Education.’ And it really influenced me. In... Еще any case, the phenomenon of Lula was something exceptional, and the more incomprehensible it seems how the situation began to develop. How can things change so quickly? In what [things] we were mistaken? What have we done wrong, so that it becomes possible to destabilize a country like Brazil, so that the whole of Latin America and the whole world will see through the breach of legal norms when the legally elected president, Dilma Rousseff, is removed from power, when things that in 2010 seemed unthinkable do happen? For example, everything that happened after Dilma's departure, the cases of corruption that the Congress tried to hide, the Senate of Brazil. In other countries, if there are videotapes proving the president's involvement in corruption, and instead of initiating an investigation, his allies in Congress prevent this, even if they succeed, such deputies will never be elected again. In Brazil, it seems, this is in the order of things. « SOT Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Former President of Brazil (Portuguese): «Rafael, all the laws that improved regulation in the field of investigating corruption and money laundering, created the Workers' Party. Corruption has always been a tool used by the right forces to attack the left. So it was during the construction of Nazism, fascism, it was when Getúlio Vargas committed suicide in Brazil, and that's why [Juan] Peron fled from Argentina. Accusations of corruption are a means of moral and ethical destruction of opponents. You know, the Brazilian elite did not accept the fact that I made a choice in favor of South America. Previously, Brazil was turned to the countries of South America and Africa with its back, it looked only at the US and the EU. And I decided to change this. Brazil suffers from an inferiority complex: ‘Everything that happens in the US is good, and everything that happens in Brazil is bad. This is an inferiority complex, and I decided to put an end to this. I do not want to be any better or worse than someone. I just want to be respected and given me the opportunity to make political decisions on my own. I do not want to ask anybody for advice.» SOT, Rafael Correa, host, former President of Ecuador (Portuguese): “Lula, perhaps part of the audience, especially not Latin American, may be surprised at your opinion of the Latin American elite, a view I fully share. In this matter, I cannot remain neutral. But this does not prevent us from being objective and, from an objective point of view, one of the reasons for the backwardness of Latin America are the elites, who subordinated all others to themselves. These elites are satisfied with democracy, as long as the state of things advantageous to them persists. As soon as something starts to change, all means are good to end this democracy. These elites are ready to support, tolerate the government, while it gives their children the right to study in the best schools, but once this government wants to open access to these schools for all children, they are able even to kill the president. My question is — did the elites who sought to protect their business in Latin America stand behind everything that happened in Brazil? After all, the mass media belong to the elite, which say what these elites think, and in turn defend big business . So, were the Brazilian elites responsible for what happened or was there some other external intervention? Questions of geopolitics and so on? Was there interference by the big powers in the internal affairs of Brazil?”

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