Lab rats or art rats? Rodents centrepiece of new exhibition

Cologne based artist Gereon Krebber has put together an art piece called «The Rat Pack III», which consists of actual dead rats hanging from strings, as footage filmed on Wednesday shows. «Many of the babies have mobiles, and I was just thinking, I can do better, in a different way, I started not with rats but with pig's trotters, and pig's ears, it's only a part of a body, and now I am taking... Еще the whole body, the whole cadaver, the whole dead body, and this time it's rats,» Krebber said. Krebber buys the rats, which are already dead, from pet shops who sell them as snake food. Krebber then dehydrates them and dips them in tar. «Of course it's repulsive, but on the other hand, you have this kind of ambiguity, you experience this kind of ambivalence of being pushed and pulled and that's what I enjoy in my work, that's the core principal of my work,» he added.

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