KIKI DOLL — Episode II «Say It Now»

[01/11/2016 16:45:03] DC_TV Vladislavs Vorotnikovs [309]: Please welcome «Episode II «Say It Now» By Kiki Doll. [01/11/2016 16:45:17] DC_TV Vladislavs Vorotnikovs [309]: She is crazy and clever, smart and beautifull. Kiki doll really enjoys playing with stereotypes and trends and balancing them. Kiki Doll combines, or sometimes exaggerating the results of her experiments! We would like to... Еще highlight, that video was shot in New York(USA) By amazing shooting team: Directed by Karina Kandel Director of photography Ruslan Pelykh Starring Kiki Doll & Timofey Kolesnikov Producer Kate Skakun Assistance Julia Kulik Make-up by Anastasia Durasova Hair style by Elsa Canedo

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